TataWorld is on iOS

Steps to install
  • 1
    If your device has an existing TataWorld iOS app, uninstall it

  • 2
    Open TataWorld on your device browser

  • 3
    Click on the Apple icon

  • 4
    Click here to Download TataWorld app
    (Exclusively for iOS devices)
    Updated: June 8, 2017
  • 5
    On clicking TataWorld app icon, click on Cancel if this
    message appears

  • 6
    To trust an enterprise app

    Tap Settings > General > Device Management
    Note: If profiles are installed on your device, the setting is called Profiles & Device Management

  • b
    Under Enterprise App, select your organisation's name (e.g., Tata Sons Limited)

  • c
    Tap Trust "Tata Sons Limited"

  • d
    In the dialog that appears, tap Trust

  • TataWorld app iOS version is now downloaded on your phone

    Go Explore!
*These are standard messages that appear for external apps on iOS devices and will not hinder the safety or functionality of your phone.