TataWorld Privacy Policy and Legal Disclaimer

The grant of access to the TataWorld website ('site') is at the sole discretion of Tata Sons Limited. The site can be accessed to and used exclusively by the employees within the Tata group and not for/by their family members and friends.


Section1 - Respecting Your Privacy

Our respect for our employee's right to security of their personal information is paramount. We have adopted this privacy policy ("Policy") which provides you with information about the kind of personal information which we may collect from you, how we handle such information and the rights which you have to control our use of your personal data. Your personal data collected by us shall be used by us strictly in accordance with applicable Indian Laws.

This Policy sets out:

We request you to read this Policy carefully before sharing personal information with us. By visiting tataworld.com, we assume your acceptance to the practices described in this Policy and if you have any questions please contact us at tataworld@tata.com.

Section 2 - What personal information do we collect and store

We shall collect your personal information if it is reasonable and necessary to do so, subject to this Policy and applicable Indian law.

We collect information in the following ways:

We may also gather certain information automatically and store it in log files. For example, this information may include Internet Protocol (IP) addresses or other device identifiers, browser information, cookies Internet Service Provider (ISP), operating system, location, date/time stamp and clickstream data.

We take reasonable measures to ensure that your personal information is protected from unauthorised access, loss, misuse, disclosure or alteration. To know more about the security measures adopted by us to protect your personal information, please see Section 5 of this Policy.

Section 3 - Access to your personal information

If you need to update your personal information in our records (e.g. if you change your address), please provide the updated details at the relevant place as stated above, to enable us to make the change. You may be requested to provide some verification before the information is recorded.

We shall not be responsible for the authenticity of any personal information supplied to us by you.

Section 4 - Purpose of collecting personal information and how is personal information used

Your information shall primarily be used to identify you as a user of tataworld.com, and will be used for the limited purpose of maintaining and building the database of users and communicating to them news and information on Tata companies. During scheduled chats and message board comments, employee contact information may be used for verifications at various stages of use.

In case we wish to use personal information provided by you for a purpose other than those that are set out in this Policy, we shall update or modify this Policy and publish the updated Policy on our website.

Section 5 - How we share your information

Tataworld.com is a group wide intranet accessible by all employees of the Tata companies everywhere. You may be accessing several external links while navigating through tataworld.com. These external links may belong to Tata companies or third party service providers. We may share personal information with other Tata companies, and also with other third parties, subject to the following terms: 

Subject to the terms mentioned above, we would share your personal information with a third party for following reasons and under the following circumstances:

Please note that we can share your personal information, without your consent, with Government agencies upon receiving a written request from any Government agency for such information.

Section 6 - Information security

We strive to protect ourselves and our users from unauthorised access to or unauthorised alteration, disclosure or destruction of information we hold. In particular:

We also take measures to disable personal information when it is no longer required by us.

Section 7 - Grievance Cell

If you have any concerns regarding:

 then you may contact tataworld@tata.com.

Your concern shall be addressed in a time-bound manner.

Section 8 - Use of Cookies

The site may use cookies or web beacons to store personal information, only for the purpose of updating user preferences and to ensure fast loading of pages. Also hit counters and metres maybe used for statistical information and web reports.

Section 9 - Changes

Our Policy may change from time to time. We will not reduce your rights under this Policy without your explicit consent. We will post any changes or update to this Policy on this webpage and, if the changes are significant, we will provide a more prominent notice. We will also keep prior versions of this Policy in an archive for your review.

Section 10- When this Policy applies

The Policy applies to all of the services offered by tataworld.com. This Policy does not apply to services offered by other companies or individuals, or other sites linked from tataworld.com, and which have separate privacy policies that do not incorporate this Policy. For example, the external websites which you may access through tataworld.com and which have their own privacy policies.   


Third Party links

In accessing the third party hyperlinks through this site, Tata Sons Limited assumes no liability or responsibility of any nature whatsoever as regards accuracy, authenticity or otherwise of the information, representations and warranties made therein and the contractual relationship arising therefrom of the user.

Language and unauthorised use

Use of foul language and transmission thereof through the site is strictly prohibited. Unauthorised usage of employee login and password for access and use of the site would attract necessary action under the Tata Code of Conduct in addition to liabilities under the applicable Indian laws.

Employee contributions

The views expressed in the articles uploaded directly by employees and published on the site are strictly personal and TataWorld does not necessarily subscribe to them. TataWorld has the sole discretion to monitor, edit and or rewrite the contributions as necessary, and reserves the right to delete an article / blog post etc.  Though TataWorld endeavours to publish as many of the articles that are submitted as possible, the site cannot guarantee that all articles that are submitted will be published. Any articles that have obscene, unlawful, defamatory, libellous or hateful content, or have spam, commercial or advertising content or links will be deleted.

Bargain Corner

All communications on and transactions emerging from the Bargain Corner are strictly between the notifier (advertiser) and the responder. Tata Sons Limited, its agencies and technology partners assumes no liability or responsibility of any nature whatsoever as regards the accuracy, reliability, completeness, currentness, timeliness or otherwise of any of the advertisements posted on the site. Tata Sons Limited, its agencies and technology partners also assume no responsibility as regards the quality, standard, authenticity, suitability, durability, etc or otherwise of the products advertised on the site. The deals struck through the Bargain Corner would be strictly between the advertiser and the responder, and Tata Sons Limited shall not be in any way responsible or liable for breach of any terms as may be agreed upon by and between the advertiser and the responder.

Special /promotional offers

TataWorld hosts special offers on behalf of Tata companies which give discounts and other promotional offers to Tata employees. Tata Sons Limited shall not be responsible or liable in any manner for any such offer uploaded on TataWorld and these offers shall be solely governed by the specific terms and conditions as specified on the offer page or the microsite of the relevant Tata company making the offer.  

Contests and quizzes

From time to time TataWorld hosts several contests and quizzes on behalf of other Tata companies for registered members of TataWorld. Tata Sons Limited shall not be responsible or liable in any manner including but not limited to non-fulfillment of prizes, etc for any such contest hosted on TataWorld on behalf of other Tata companies. By participating in these contests and quizzes the participant agrees to the general terms and conditions of TataWorld for contests as well as the specific terms and conditions of each contest mentioned on the relevant contest page.

June 2015