Tata Steel awarded the CII National Award for Excellence in Water Management 2020

Tata Steel Jamshedpur honoured in two categories: Winner in ‘Within the Fence’ category and ‘Noteworthy Project in Water Management’ in ‘Beyond the Fence’ category

Mumbai: Tata Steel receives two recognitions at the 14th edition of the CII National Award for Excellence in Water Management 2020 for its continuous efforts and commitment to water sustainability. Tata Steel Jamshedpur plant has been honoured with excellence in water management in ‘Within the Fence’ category. The CRM Bara Pond Project at Jamshedpur, East Singhbhum, has been identified as a ‘Noteworthy Project in Water Management in the ‘Beyond the Fence’ category.

Chanakya Chaudhary, vice president, Corporate Services, Tata Steel, said: “Creating sustainable water management solutions is integral to our pursuit of sustainability and environmental conservation. As a responsible corporate, Tata Steel is committed to conserve water resources and to enrich them. The Jamshedpur plant and the Steel City are two of the finest examples of excellent water management. We are honoured to receive the awards from CII. This recognition will certainly encourage our teams, their relentless efforts to drive excellence and will inspire more such projects in the future.”

Tata Steel is committed to play a leading role in the conservation of water and significantly reduce its impact on water. While the Jamshedpur operations has more than doubled its capacity from 5 MnT to 11 MnT (million tons) over the last decade, the fresh water consumption has reduced to 62 percent in the last six years. The rejuvenation of the CRM Bara pond in the Bara area of Jamshedpur town now serves as a source of rainwater harvesting accumulating 82,320 m3 of rainwater while also reducing pollution, and playing a pivotal role in maintaining the biodiversity of the surrounding area. Besides, the groundwater table has seen a rise post implementation of the project.

Tata Steel’s continued commitment to sustainability has helped reduce freshwater consumption in Jamshedpur by 50 percent over the last 10 years. The company’s plans to rejuvenate waterbodies in the Steel City will not only help in water harvesting but also reduce water pollution in the coming years.

With the aim of raising awareness levels, promoting excellence in water management and recognising best practices, CII - Water Institute, in partnership with its stakeholders and knowledge partners, has actively been involved in disseminating good practices for replication and scale-up. CII confers National Awards for Excellence in Water Management to honour organisations for preeminence in the field of water resource management, raise awareness on sustainable success and instill a “sense of competition” to inspire and motivate water users to achieve excellence in water management. The awards inspire the industry to move forward through improved operating performance and innovative technology adoption.