Tata Group chairman along with leaders visited Tata Power Renewables sites

Mr. N Chandrasekaran, Chairman, Tata Sons; Dr. Praveer Sinha, MD, Tata Power and Mr. Ashish Khanna, CEO, Tata Power Renewable Energy recently visited the Agaswadi 49.5MW & Palsawade 55MW plants, a true energy boosting experience for the team. The day began with a comprehensive health and safety induction, to set the tone for the day. The delegates then embarked on a supervised tour, understanding the nuances & nitty-gritties of the project. The O&M team showcased ongoing initiatives and innovations which contributed to enhance the plant performance, giving better energy yield & reduced down time.

It was exhilarating to see how both the plants are designed to benefit the environment by reducing carbon emissions and are seamlessly integrated with existing land use practices while contributing to the local economy.

The team shared with the Leaders the CSR activities undertaken like Watershed Management, income generating initiatives for women and education for the children which are beneficial to the local communities. The Leaders subsequently met the ‘Sarpanch’ and other prominent members of the village who were appreciative of our CSR activities. They expressed enthusiasm in the water shed management taken up by TPREL which resulted in the area being a “no tanker zone” for the last seven years. As a symbolic gesture, the Chairman & MD planted saplings on site. This Leaders’ visit was a significant milestone that flagged their commitment towards renewable energy and the local community. The visit was invigorating and proved to be impactful in communicating the company's dedication to excellence. In the end, the Group Chairman while patting the back of our employees said, “ Well done”.